Our team would like to wish you all Happy Holidays. Despite another tumultuous year of Covid-19 restrictions we have had an excellent year of growth, we launched Revolution Very Light Rail demonstrator vehicle in Ironbridge.

A challenge was set by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) and the Department for Transport. To provide an attractive, low-cost rolling stock solution that will encourage modal shift to rail. Revolution VLR supports better services on branch lines. It also facilitates the reopening of disused railway lines as well as network extensions.

“What a transformation that has taken place at Ironbridge this year. Turning a base of concrete into a marketing and maintenance facility that has seen many visitors over the past few months has been something special to be a part of. We are all looking forward to more events next year and to see the first Revolution vehicles running on a line near you.” – Sam Sharp



We unveiled our Cambridge Autonomous Metro Concept earlier this year. This included a revolutionary concept for a fully autonomous, battery-powered road transport vehicle. This is part of the Mott MacDonald-led consortium for the Cambridge Autonomous Metro (CAM). We designed a sustainable and innovative public transport solution to operate as a flexible conduit between the city, towns and outlying suburbs within Cambridgeshire.

TDI unveils Cambridge Autonomus Metro concept


We’ve had exceptional team growth this year. We welcomed Sam Sharp, Adam Williams, Alan O’Toole, Jim West, Len Islef, Madara Ubele, Peter Murphy and Simon Josse.


Watch our video on the United Nations Climate Change Conference:

NatWest x Transport Design International on the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) 

Our Founder, Martin Pemberton talks to Coventry and Warwickshire Champions about our work in the area:

Coventry And Warwickshire Champions Interview