Lync, state-of-the-art, light urban transit vehicles are designed to link outlying communities with town and city centres, and their main transport hubs. Its low access and bi-directional features can also be applied to airports, exhibition sites and park-and-ride projects.

TDI’s patented Safeguide ensures the vehicles accurate navigation along narrow transit corridors – just like invisible rails – and precise docking at stops/platforms and stations. This is especially relevant in historic town centres, where conventional bus lanes or tram lines would be impractical. Using this system, the vehicles can be driven in fully automatic mode, semi- automatically or even manually with a driver where no guideway exists.

Lync systems are significantly cheaper than a conventional tram or light rapid transit system and do not require intrusive infrastructure such as overhead wires or electrified rails. The vehicles are small scale and can travel along roadways with shared occupancy, dedicated alignments, through pedestrian areas and even indoors within shopping centres or other building complexes.

Running every few minutes, a fleet of Lync trams can provide a continuous orbital service around any congested town or city centre. The core service can also connect with a network of radial or cross-town routes serving schools, housing estates, business centres, the local railway station, various park and ride sites and other important amenities. As they are non-polluting, small scale and accurately steered.

The modular design of the Lync tram is such that cars can be manufactured in a range of sizes (in terms of length, width and interior seating arrangement) to suit the local operating environment and capacity requirements.


  • Composite bodyshell, with aluminium chassis
  • Stylish driving cabs for bio-directional operation
  • Modular vehicle assembly design approach
  • Seating configuration to suit client requirements
  • Lithium-Ion phosphate batteries
  • AC traction motors
  • Three phase invertors
  • Emission free
  • Wire in ground guidance system
  • Low cost installation
  • Future proofed for a fully autonomous operation
  • Passenger messaging system linked with command centre
  • Audio/visual advertising system
  • GPS audio tour system
  • Audio/visual entertainment system


Power: Lithium Ion Battery
Configuration: Bi-directional operation
Passenger: 25-120 (depending on configuration)
Wheelchair: Yes
Weight: 1615 kg
Dimensions: 1.8m x 4m x 2.55m
Speed: 35kph max
A/C: Full HVAC system available
Gradient: 20%
Turning Circle: 6.7m int. /11m ext.
The modular design of the Lync tram is such that cars can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit the local operating environment and capacity requirements.



Lync’s thoroughbred credentials emanate from 35 years of TDI innovation in the field of Very Light Rail. This next generation vehicle is designed for a clean Carbon Zero future that will meet the high expectations of today’s passengers, by providing a safe environment that allows passengers to carry on with their communications in this new digital world.

Shaun O’Brien, Commercial Director for TDI