Since 2005, TDI has been a technical delivery partner of Vectus platform a world leading Rapid Transit technology. Forty production vehicles entered service in 2013 on the first fully commercial Vectus system constructed in Suncheon Bay, South Korea. Vectus VLR is an intelligent, automated people mover which meets all the safety and operational standards required of a traditional rail-based transit system.

Vectus can also provide the ‘last mile’ of transportation, for example, from a busy railway station, which might otherwise involve a taxi ride or a bus. Vectus is a cost effective public-transit solution in comparison with monorail or alternative rail systems, moving up to around ten thousand passengers per hour.


Automated people mover (APM) meets all safety & operational standards

Intelligent bogie and wheel system that does away with expensive automated track switches

Lightweight vehicles require reduced power consumption

Self-powered vehicles with energy recovery and storage systems as standard

Move up to 10,000 passenger per hour


Propulsion: Linear induction and/or rotary motors
Power Transfer: Continuous current collection
Guidance: Steel track with switch wheels
Passenger (Per Vehicle): 6-8 Seated and 6 Standing
Wheelchair: RVAR compliant
Laden weight: 2500kg
Dimensions: 3740L x 2100W x 2500H
Door Opening: 900W x 1950H
Speed: <70kph
A/C: Full HVAC
There is great potential for Rapid Transit Systems across the Globe, Low impact on existing utilities and infrastructure means it can be introduced into many locations that the more traditional modes of transport would not be a viable solution for such as Universities, pedestrianised and attractions. TDI has the necessary design talent and manufacturing capacity to create next generation Rapid Transit vehicles for domestic and export markets.