To help, first we must listen & understand.


Not all transport systems are included in the initial planning and build stages and so have to be integrated at a later stage within an existing site. Our engineers, working with a client’s own team, can review the terrain and limitations on access and alignment to produce a report that will offer a range of potential options and recommended solutions.

If there is no suitable (standard) system available on the market, then we can offer a bespoke design and build service specific to application.


Any transport system needs to be geared around its peak operation times. As with route planning, capacity analysis needs to be one of the first stages in any new or expanding development.

This is not an exact science, but with experience and knowledge of previous projects our team can provide informed attendance estimates including peak numbers and times.

  • This intelligence is key in deciding on the overall type and scale of transport system required.

  • It is ensuring that the passenger/visitor experience at busy times is always a positive one.


Each type of transport system, whether it be road or rail based, has specific parameters that need to be followed if the system is to operate effectively. By deciding on your transport system from the outset, all requirements can be built into the master plan.

Our professional team have the skill sets and knowledge of transport systems to work with master planners in selecting the ideal solution to meet their needs.

  • Gives greater flexibility and allows the system to be future proofed for planned expansion.

  • It all adds up to a better designed system that will save on cost both on the initial build and for the future.


Part of the decision process for selecting the right transport system should be its suitability for expansion in line with the operator’s ambitions for the future. Clearly there are many factors that could influence this. So by carrying out a study in the early stages, all issues can be considered in order that the system is designed to grow logically and organically with the site.

  • As with any good planning this will help ensure that future costs are managed and disruption is kept to a minimum.


Do you believe that one of these technologies may provide a solution to your transport needs?