TYPE: Road



Orbit is a bi-directional vehicle utilising an LTO battery power unit with autonomous capability for enclosed and semi-enclosed environments.

This state-of-the-art, light urban transit vehicle was designed to operate in town/city centres, visitor attractions, airports, exhibition sites and park-and-ride applications and for “last mile” freight logistics operations.

Site tests for the vehicle were conducted in Stratford-upon-Avon, Bradford City Centre and Althorp Park.

The Orbit Minitram technology offers the system characteristics normally associated with conventional rail-based tram networks through the flexibility and cost effectiveness of automotive and commercial vehicle technology, combined with a concealed (below ground) wire guidance technology called ‘Safeguide’.


Bi-directional for narrow transit corridors

‘Safeguide’ Wire guidance with manual override

Modular lightweight construction

Public highway approved


Power: Pure Electric or Hybrid (LPG or Diesel)
Configuration: Bi-directional
Passenger: 15 Seated, 3 Standing – wider version available
Wheelchair: 1 DDA Approved
Weight: 6500kg
Dimensions: 7800L x 1750W x 2850H
Speed: 45kph
A/C: Full HVAC
Gradient: 8% Max
Turning Circle: 20mx
The pedestalisation of our Towns and Cities along with the restricted access for cars has had a measured effect on the decline of the business centres. Orbit Minitram is designed to re-open these centres to both able and less able visitors as a low impact, and sustainable solution. The bi-directional, guided vehicle is the ideal conduit for all last mile passenger and freight transport needs.