Following a significant announcement in December 2023, Transport Design International (TDI) is poised for expansion. Consequently, we are gearing up to augment our team of specialists. As we prepare for the commencement of passenger trials for our new battery-only vehicles in 2026, TDI is amidst a period of rapid growth and dynamic activity.

Our recruitment initiative has taken centre stage, as we actively seek to fill multiple job opportunities within our organisation. TDI, a UK-based leader in lightweight transport solutions, boasts a track record of delivering over 135 projects globally. With our recent collaboration with Eversholt Rail, we are embarking on the development of new zero-emission vehicles for our award-winning product, Revolution VLR. Furthermore, our products have garnered global acclaim and are experiencing heightened demand. Currently, our Ironbridge site is hosting visits from delegates representing various regions across the globe.

What to expect?

At TDI building a great team isn’t just about what is on your CV; it is about finding individuals who embody our values, have the right skills and experience and can integrate into our environment of collaboration and innovation. While qualifications have their place, this is not always essential. One thing we do know is that alignment of values is truly important to us.

Leanne Hobbs, Head of People Experience at TDI, shares,

As we continue on our recruitment journey and expand our team within the Midlands region, we are very excited to see what this year brings us. We have already welcomed in some fantastic recruits to strengthen our team. We are growing in a considered way and making the changes needed to make an impactful difference.

So, who is the right fit for TDI in this phase of growth?

We’re seeking like-minded individuals who are passionate about innovation, collaboration, and driving impactful change across various areas such as:

  • Engineering
  • Quality
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations

And the perks of joining us? Well, let’s just say we are committed to prioritising our employees. From our range of benefits and the flexibility in how we work, we are here to ensure that every member of our team feels valued and supported, both during the recruitment process and beyond.

Don’t just believe us, hear it from our recent recruits.

Apply now!

In this growth phase, we are concentrating on gathering a talented team. They will drive innovation and push our initiatives forward. Join us in shaping the future of transportation. Explore opportunities at TDI below.

Principal Manufacturing Engineer – Closing Date: 15th March 2024

If you have any questions or would like to just chat with our People Experience (PX) team, please drop an email to