Called ‘Eclipse’, TDI’s new universal access toilet module was unveiled at the UK Railtex 2017 expo today. The module will be manufactured and supplied into the market by Transcal Engineering.

toilet module
rail toilet modul example


  • designed to meet the latest TSI specification assessed to EN-16585-1:2017

  • moulded floor pan with raised edges totally preventing any migration of liquids into the sub floor structure

  • no vehicle body side fixing required, just simple floor and roof fixing

  • revolutionary door mechanism with minimal parts tested to 4 million cycles with door opening or closing within 4 seconds

  • 2-day vehicle installation time with exceptional wall-to-floor locating and fixing system and prebuild thus reducing vehicle down time

  • lowest energy demand in the industry with 350 watt peak consumption powering all door, water heating, hand drying, soap dispensing, lighting and vac toilet functions

  • polymerised floor coating to help prevent grime adhering and making cleaning more effective

  • available in both left and right hand configurations; flat-packed for onboard installation in existing vehicles or fully assembled for slipping into new build body shells