TDI is a proud member of the Rail Forum, a national industry body established in 1993 with over 360 members from all parts of the UK and several industries.

Rail Forum provides TDI with valuable information and knowledge across the UK and the wider Global Rail Industry. This allows us to better understand and work within our established and new markets. The Forum is also a huge driver and supporter of innovation & sustainability within Rail. This is something that TDI is a huge advocate of, evident within our product portfolio and business ethic.

As an SME manufacturer, our membership enables us to:

  • To network with potential suppliers and rail companies.
  • Facilitating our growth and the further development of our commercial relationships.
  • Additionally, we welcome the exposure and support we receive for driving change within the Rail industry.

TDI attended the recent Rail Forum Annual Conference in Birmingham. It was an opportunity to listen to industry experts discuss the challenges we currently face in the rail industry. It was informative and inspirational to hear about the various projects and initiatives happening across our industry.

Rail Forum runs a wide range of events to support networking and business growth. Hence, we are proud to sponsor the upcoming Rail Forum Light Rail Event in November with our UK partner, Eversholt Rail. Rail Forum is hosting the event in the Midlands on 23 November. We will present our award-winning Revolution Very Light Rail Demonstrator at the event and provide everyone with updates on the latest developments for this vehicle.

Darren Smith, Group Commercial Director, shared,

“I’ve been in the Rail industry for 20 years, and I can honestly say that, having known the Rail Forum Team for many of those years, we greatly appreciate their support to the UK’s SMEs, and we believe it will assist the UK’s Rail Industry in adopting change in the coming years.”

To learn more about TDI and our products, do reach out to our commercial team. Contact us here or get in touch with Darren Smith and Sam Sharp on LinkedIn.

Feature Image credits: Rail Forum Annual Conference 2023 | Source: LinkedIn