What brought you to Transport Design International (TDI)?

I have worked in sales and marketing for 30 years and TDI offered a holistic environment where marketing is embedded in the commercial process. I like the fact that marketing is strategically important within our business. Our products ultimately benefit and serve the community.

I studied Geography at university, where I focused on sustainability. So, building a greener future is important to me. I wanted to be involved with the tremendous work that is making a difference and leaving a lasting legacy.

What does your team do?

I head up the Innovation Hub which is a business support function for the company. My team provides sales and marketing support to every area of the business.

We have three distinct areas within our business development. The creative team work on all elements of the brand and support our business strategy with visual elements. The commercial team to manage and coordinate telemarketing campaigns. Our digital marketing team delivers all online content and manages the digital communications platforms for TDI. My role is to ensure our services are utilised fully to support business growth and raise brand awareness for TDI in the UK and overseas.

How do you promote TDI and their products?

The work that we do to support the commercial team is aligned with their business targets, we provide additional marketing expertise and bandwidth to manage and support sales activity, customer relationship management, publicity generation and PR.

We work with the rail media to publicise TDI products and raise awareness of the TDI brand. We manage exhibitions, conferences and telemarketing campaigns for the commercial and engineering teams and work closely with the design team to publicise our innovations and new products. Our digital marketing uses social media channels and online content to drive website engagement and generate sales leads.

I work in partnership with the marketing team at Eversholt Rail to promote Revolution VLR. I am also looking forward to the work we have lined up with Rail Forum, whom we are members of as leaders in Very Light Rail.

Where do you see TDI in the next 5 years?

TDI is at the forefront of change in the rail industry. We are global leaders in Very Light Rail and lightweighting technology. With the successful design and build of the Revolution VLR demonstrator and the Coventry VLR vehicle we are the ‘go-to’ company for Very Light Rail solutions. The market is ready to hear about our next generation vehicles LyncTM and OrbitTM. And I’m really excited about this!

The need for alternative rail solutions that are more affordable than equivalent heavy rail solutions is fundamental if we are to improve the economic sustainability of rail transport and still achieve net zero targets.

Over the next five years, I see the success of our innovative design and engineering work growing our global brand as a key manufacturer of Very Light Rail and Road products.

It is an exciting time for us with considerable international interest in our products. Also, a real opportunity to work with our partners, Eversholt Rail, to grow and expand the UK market.

How do you keep up to date with industry insights?

I read the rail press and keep abreast of political situations and transport legislation. I speak regularly to our Head of Design and Commercial Director on these matters. It is incredibly helpful to partner with Eversholt Rail. They have a lot of experience in rolling stock and understanding of the rail sector. We are looking forward to working with them on the next phase of development for Revolution VLR, which will see the vehicle ready for passenger trials in the UK. I am also very active on LinkedIn, where you can see a lot about Very Light Rail and the community it will impact.

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