What brought you to Transport Design International (TDI)?

I worked with TDI in my final year university project in sustainable product design. It was a natural progression to continue here. Having a real passion for sustainability, I am really interested in sustainability innovations to reduce and reverse its impact on the environment. I love seeing an idea move from concept to delivery. This is something I have managed to achieve since working at TDI.

What projects have you been involved in?

I have worked on a variety of projects including the Greenway Initiative, SmartTrax, Anti Covid measures, GPS Ionisation and flash charging. I enjoy my job as Sustainability Lead because I get to work on various projects. This allows me to work directly with different teams across the organisation.

My role involves a broad spectrum of skills, ideas and innovations. As Sustainability Lead, I can have a real impact on our products moving forward.

What considerations must be made when designing new products?

Sustainability is at the forefront of each design choice we make. We need to be intelligent about our material choices and consider circularity in our designs and manufacturing processes. We are stewards of the materials we use in our products, and this must be held at the forefront of our design decisions to ensure a greener future.

My objective is for TDI infrastructure to have a circular company in the next 5-10 years, whereby we preserve the material value of our products both economically and ecologically.

How collaborative is the process and how do you work with other teams within TDI?

I have been a part of many of the teams at TDI including design and engineering. I am working with our People Experience and Marketing teams on a project to define our sustainability values. I’m always on call with the rest of the team and collaborate with all aspects of the company. We have a great relationship, and I am becoming more involved within the company through my role as Sustainability Lead.

How do you keep up to date with innovation?

I have a few senior mentors within TDI, who challenge my thoughts and I have learnt a great deal from this support network. I’ve always had an interest in cars and automotive and I keep up to date with the latest sustainability literature and publications. I also use our various rail membership networks and educational webinars to improve my knowledge and network with other designers and engineers.

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