Sustainability is at the core of what we do at Transport Design International. We are recognised throughout the rail industry for our knowledge and expertise in Very Light Rail. We also specialise in designing and manufacturing very lightweight vehicles with zero-carbon functionality. While using the very latest in materials and battery technology. One of our goals is to adopt Circular Economy to extend the life of those materials and batteries as much as possible.

What is Circular Economy?

A Circular Economy is a model of production and consumption. This involves reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible. The aim is to keep materials out of landfill and extend their life and usability. For example, recycling plastic into pellets to make new plastic products. Manufacturers also design products to be reusable. For example, electrical devices are designed to be more easily repaired.

The Importance of Circular Economy in the UK Rail Industry

Before his accension to the throne, HM King Charles III was a staunch advocate for environmental causes for over 50 years and lead the Sustainable Markets Initiative he launched at the World Economic Forum.

The goal of the initiative is to support an informed transition to a climate-neutral, inclusive circular bioeconomy through a multi-stakeholder approach. A conceptual framework, the circular bioeconomy uses renewable natural capital to provide ecosystem services, emphasising the sustainable management of biological resources.

“We must recognise the true value of biodiversity and the fundamental interdependence of all living things… We must invest in nature as the true engine for a new economy — a circular bioeconomy that gives back to nature as much as we take from her in order to restore urgently the balance we have so rashly disrupted.” – HM King Charles III

Sustainability in Transport Design International

Sustainability is one of our core values. At TDI, we have a dedicated team to lead our sustainable initiatives. Our initiatives are at the forefront of lightweighting technology in the road and rail industries. Our first self-propelled Very Light Rail vehicle is now recognised as the rail industry standard description for lightweight rail cars. We are proud leaders of Very Light Rail and the expertise and knowledge that we have amassed over the years and brought to the industry.

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