Qualifications: Associate Diploma in People Management CIPD

What brought you to your role?

I have always been fascinated and excited to learn about the way people interact with others and how best to support a company to achieve the most productive outcomes. I joined the business as it was going through a transformative stage. My role was to transform it into a people-focused business, building the People Experience team from the ground up. I now head up the Idea Catalyst Group (ICG). Transport Design International is powered by ICG. We are the business support function for growth and development across the business.

What do your teams provide to TDI?

I look after the transformation teams, which include Business Development, Digital Marketing, Creative, Commercial, People Experience and Digital Strategy. The transformation teams work to build a strong value base that drives the approach to our business and encourages a vibrant culture that supports the vision for the company. We work directly with TDI, from engineering and design to business development and sales, to support and promote business growth.

We evaluate the technology, business strategy and leadership to elevate and support the business in their strategic goals.

What does “we are people first” mean to you?

People are our greatest asset. We don’t see them as expendable cogs in a wheel. We use every individual’s diverse set of skills as strengths to add value to TDI.

One of the fundamental strategies I have implemented is leadership coaching that teaches active listening and a coaching management style, which runs throughout TDI. We currently have a number of employees on this coaching programme. The most important aspect of my job is to work with our people to fulfil their role as they see best, whilst challenging thoughts and ideas. Our company culture thrives on collaboration and productivity through a people-focused atmosphere.

What is the focus for TDI in the next 5 years?

We are developing our manufacturing and production facilities to cater for the next stage of development of RVLR, Lync and Orbit. This transition is a key time for us and we will be looking to bring new talent and skills into the business as we rapidly grow.