It has been a busy start to the year for TDI and there is much to reflect on as we continue to work on firm foundations across the company for our business expansion.  Design and engineering work is now well underway for the Revolution VLR (RVLR) Pre-Series vehicles which we are building in partnership with Eversholt Rail for passenger trials in the UK.  Engineering work is focused on Lightweight Thinking, with further weight reduction of the vehicle considered and design elements under review from valuable Stakeholder feedback we have received over the last 2 years.

In parallel, we have been testing the propulsion system and electronic software on the Demonstrator vehicle to gather performance data which will inform further improvements to the electrical systems and harness design of RVLR.

Gary Connel, CFO, Transport Design International said,

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TDI and Growth

People, to us, are both internal and external, including our TDI team and supply chain and business partners. Who they are and how we treat them is a big focus for us during our foundation phase and the business support teams are working extremely hard to set the right long-term foundations for this.  We have been through a process of collaboration with all our employees to review our company values and understand what is important to us in moving forwards as a team.  This has been a hugely positive and rewarding exercise and we are excited to share our new vision for the company over the next couple of months.

Product, TDI’s expanding engineering and operational delivery teams are working closely with Eversholt Rail to deliver the RVLR pre-series programme.

We are happy to report that we are growing as per plan. The Team has increased by 12 people over the last 4 months and plans are in place to continue with our recruitment throughout 2024.

Geoff Newman, COO, Transport Design International shares,

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Thanks to everyone, both TDI and external suppliers and partners, for an incredible Q1.

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