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The Global Light Rail Awards focus on honouring and celebrating outstanding achievements within the light rail sector, recognising the innovation and excellence of its suppliers, projects, and manufacturers.

Highly regarded within the rail industry, this event recognises light rail products, projects, and services from around the globe and this year we are delighted to report that Revolution VLR has been recognised by these prestigious awards. Revolution VLR is a game-changer for the rail sector and this award represents a turning point in the acceptance of this technology for the future of our railways.

Until recently, light rail technology has been predominantly associated with urban transport solutions, in the guise of purpose-built metro systems and light rail tram solutions serving city centre routes.  Revolution VLR challenges this thinking and presents a real opportunity for the rail industry of the future.  It is the first very light rail vehicle that has been designed and built to operate alongside mainline routes, capable of operating on existing branch lines or extended networks to connect rural and suburban communities to their local urban hubs.


 “putting Britain in the lead in a new space race. There are so many innovative things all wrapped up in this lovely little vehicle, and lots of really good lessons to shake up the industry.

Creating an all-new, lightweight, energy-efficient and cost-effective vehicle to enhance services on poorly-serviced branch and suburban lines, and facilitate the re-opening of disused routes, this modular vehicle is bristling with advanced technology, cutting-edge materials and new thinking across every aspect of the programme – design, supply, build, and system implementation.

Simple to build, simple to operate, simple to upgrade or repair, and with class-leading environmental credentials, the demonstrator has drawn widespread adoration. The submission included glowing testimonials from engineers, drivers, politicians, regulators, industry bodies – and now from the Global Light Rail Awards judges.”

Global Light Rail Judges summary

“Winning this award has huge significance for Transport Design International and our partners Eversholt Rail as it highlights the growing acceptance for very light rail technology across the rail industry.  Revolution VLR illustrates that there is a place for very light rail within mainstream rail services and that this technology is not just applicable for urban metro solutions and city trams but can be used in a wider context to serve rural and suburban branch lines. Our vehicle supports the real economic possibility of line re-openings and rail extensions which have previously been economically out of reach.”

Darren Smith, Commercial Director, Transport Design International

“TDI have a unique understanding of the benefits and capabilities of light rail as we have been at the forefront of designing and building these vehicles for over 35 years. I am proud of Revolution VLR, it is the culmination of our team’s knowledge, expertise and understanding.  It has been quite a journey for us, and tonight is about celebrating that journey and all that we have achieved.”

Paul Salkeld, Design Director, Transport Design International