Outstanding Engineering Achievement 2016
Global Light Rail Award 2016 logo

The Global Light Rail Awards focus on honouring and celebrating outstanding achievements within the light rail sector, recognising the innovation and excellence of its suppliers, projects, and manufacturers.

It recognises the very significant achievement made by TDI and their manufacturing partners Severn Lamb in designing, building and supplying a brand new style of ‘ultra’ or ‘very’ light rail vehicle, from a clean sheet of paper to service operation in Turkey, within a challenging 18 month timescale.

“Drawing from both the aerospace and automotive industries, it is 40% lighter and up to 50% cheaper than a comparable 120-passenger vehicle and incorporates clever (diesel-electric series) hybrid traction technology in a package that is almost infinitely configurable. The judges recognised the flexibility of its modular design and its potential for everything from rural branch lines to city circulators.”

We are very exciting to receive this award and be recognised by our peers for what I believe is a game-changing addition to the current stable of light rail vehicles available in the market today. The ULR Express is the prelude to our next generation railcar ‘Revolution VLR’ which is aimed initially at the home market to address the current shortage of smaller scale, self-powered, energy efficient vehicles capable of operating along branch lines in a cost efficient manner.

Martin Pemberton, TDI