‘Tomorrow’s Train’


TYPE: Rail


Foresee is “Tomorrow’s Train”. In 2017, TDI was awarded funding for a proof of concept by RSSB to develop a single axle running gear solution originally proposed for the company’s ‘Foresee’ train concept.

Single axle running gear provides significantly lower weight and cost compared to the conventional bogies often used in both passenger and freight vehicles. A modern single axle solution typically has a great ability to align itself radially when going through curves, creating less wear compared to that typically seen from bogie applications. The proof of concept was successfully completed in late 2019.

TDI is developing a demonstrator vehicle with a projected delivery in 2023.  The vehicle programme utilises TDI’s core development values of lightweighting; maximising sustainable material content; re-packaging technology; and creating elegance.  Foresee will also incorporate technology enhancements developed by The Greenway Initiative.


Less wear on conventional track due to better alignment

Light weight, low cost carriage design

100mph speed available

Semi active suspension technology

Foresee proposes use of substantially shorter carriages, circa 6.5m in length and manufactured using lightweight composites, to address the ‘4C challenge’ laid down by Department for Transport.